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The International GRD (Grease Recovery Device) has the newest design  in automatic grease traps  that allow recycling of grease and oil. This design will help solve the immense problem of clogged drain lines and pollution caused from grease and oil.  The International GRD unit will remove up to 100% of the grease in the waste water allowing this residue to be recycled.

The International GRD System is made up of the stainless steel grease recovery device with an internal or optional external strainer basket assembly which strains food particles out of the water.  The waste water continues to flow through the grease recovery cabinet and the grease floats to the surface.

A thermostat maintains a constant temperature (approximately 100 degrees) to prevent the grease/oil from congealing and insures the maximum separation of the grease/oil from the waste water.  Grease/oil is captured in the retention area of the GRD until removal is activated automatically.  The grease/oil flows into a collection box and is ready for recycling.

This process is done automatically and requires no human intervention.  Using the system provides an easy, clean and cost effective way to eliminate grease from waste water.

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Introduction to International GRD Device 
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